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Guangzhou Bosma Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a technology-driven company founded in Millennium with headquarterlocated in Guangzhou Economic & Technology Developing Zone. It has 3 subsidiariesof Guangzhou Bosma Optoelectronic Instrument Co., Ltd, Guangzhou BosmaTechnology Co., Ltd and Nanjing Bosma Co., Ltd. and has sales offices inBeijing, Shanghai and Hongkong.
Bosma has been firstly dedicated in designing,manufacturing and marketing optoelectronic products, including AstronomicTelescope, Binoculars, Riflescope, Laser Range Finder and Night Vision etc.Most of these products are being exporting to US and European markets on OEM& ODM basis. Bosma is also marketing these products in both Chinesedomestic market and some Asian countries under brandname “BOSMA”, which washonorably granted to be“Famous Brand in Guangzhou” by local Government in 2009. Now Bosma isproud to takes the lead in Sports Optics Industry in China.
In 2008, Bosma entered the industry of 3DStereo Imaging and set up Guangzhou Bosma Technology Co., Ltd ,mainlyfocusing on designing and manufacturing relevant products & accessories for3D Stereo Imaging & Smart TV.
Our main product range includes 3D Stereo LCShutter Glasses, Wireless Smart Remote Controller & Gamepad, Smart Goggles,3D Stereo Somatosensory Module, 3D Stereo Tablet, 3D Stereo Micro ImagingSystem, 3D Stereo Advertising Screen and 3D Virtual Reality Products etc. Bomsaholds a large number of intellectual property rights for these products andtechnology. All these products arewidely utilized in various areas and industries like personal consumption,family entertainment, industrial detection & inspection, medical researchand military purpose. Meanwhile, Bosma initiated to found & host various ofindustry associations, and has been the first Chairman of Guangzhou 3D IndustryAssociation.Inheriting the Chinese traditional culture:"Moderation,Integrity,Modesty,Harmony", Bosma commits herself to the core values of "Honesty Foremost,Customer Centric, Innovation Oriented and Cooperation". We openly cooperate with industrypartners, focus on advancing technology & innovation, and continuously provide excellent productsand service to customers, create more and more value for human life &society at large.

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